Über Halal Real Estate

Halal Real Estate is a unique offeror of condominiums in cooperation with a reknowned housing association. The uniqueness is the fact that all apartments are fully compliant with sharia principles when constructing and marketing.

Sharia compliance is assured through a permanent cooperation with a acknowledged and certified Sharia Board. This concept of constructing real estate is an innovative and future-oriented approach in Germany.

Halal Real Estate (“Halal RE”) is run as an alliance of CK Corporate Finance GmbH (“CKCF”) and HGK Immobilien und Bauträger GmbH (“HGK”). CKCF is an owner-run company consulting company focussing on German medium-sized companies.

The emphasis is on classical and innovative ways of equity and debt financing of an organisation. HGK serves as a developer and has expertise of many years in the property market successfully developing real estate.

Halal RE offers its apartments in a sharia compliant hire purchase model. The renter of the apartment will purchase it at a predetermined date. All realized payments by the renter will be deducted from the purchase price.

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